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Jim Gallagher, far north paddler, goes in-depth on the Aqua Bound Edge Canoe Paddle – it’s specifically designed for challenging situations, the paddle breaks down into sections for easy packing – a big plus for fly-in canoe trips. From performance in whitewater to packing for an arctic canoe trip….

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Far North Symposium 2017 http://www.ilovepaddling.com/far-north-symposium-2017/ Wed, 15 Mar 2017 14:30:49 +0000 http://www.ilovepaddling.com/?p=1815

Do you dream of paddling icy arctic rivers amidst muskoxen and caribou? Ever look at a map and let your thoughts drift across the rivers of Alaska, the Northwest Territories, Manitoba, Saskatchewan…? Join a group of intrepid paddlers who have canoed the Far North at a one-day event in St. Louis Park MN. Explorers and paddlers will share their adventures, hard-won wisdom, and stories of special trips to a wilderness where travelers are few.

This year’s themes and speakers include:

North Knife River, Manitoba – Peter Vaughan, Bruce and Anders Arnevik

Horton River, NWT/Nunavut – Jim Gallagher

Seagull Lake to York Factory/Hudson Bay, MN/Ontario/Manitoba – Chelsea Froemke, Steph Branchaud, Tessa Larson

Wabakimi Prov. Park, Ontario – Andrew Vavra, Allison Carolan

Baillie/Back Rivers, Nunavut – Mike Brumbaugh

Thelon River NWT/Nunavut — Lee Sessions

Movie Labrador Passage — Peter Marshall

Plan a trip, find a group to join, or just get inspired.
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Canoeing from the Gulf of Mexico to the Arctic Ocean http://www.ilovepaddling.com/canoeing-from-the-gulf-of-mexico-to-the-arctic-ocean/ Tue, 08 Sep 2015 16:36:16 +0000 http://www.ilovepaddling.com/?p=1660 naexpeditionroute

Photo courtesy http://www.rediscoverna.com


They paddled 5,200 miles, over 244 days, from their launch in Buras, Louisiana to Nunavut on the Arctic Ocean. Six adventurers set out to paddle North America, experience the continent from the perspective of the canoe, and record their observations. They experienced inevitable weather and ice delays, as well as the amazing generosity of many people met along the way.

Check out the Rediscovering North America Expedition blog >

“Seasoned paddlers and weekend warriors alike will probably notice that this trip borrows from a number of well-traveled and beloved routes through the U.S. and Canada. Eric Sevareid’s Canoeing with the Cree, the Borealis Expedition in 2008, and numerous myccr message boards (among many others) can claim some ownership, no doubt. Like the Trans-Territory Expedition in 2012, we’re just a bunch of borrowers who like to connect the dots and see what kind of adventure we can come up with.” Check out their route here >

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Photo courtesy http://www.rediscoverna.com



Photo courtesy http://www.rediscoverna.com

New Book: On Top of a Boulder: Notes from Tyrrell’s Cairn http://www.ilovepaddling.com/new-book-on-top-of-a-boulder-notes-from-tyrrells-cairn/ http://www.ilovepaddling.com/new-book-on-top-of-a-boulder-notes-from-tyrrells-cairn/#comments Wed, 22 Apr 2015 08:00:14 +0000 http://www.ilovepaddling.com/?p=1600 cairn, in the barrenlands near the headwaters of the Dubawnt. It was constructed by J.B. Tyrrell in 1893, who left a note in a jar to commemorate his journey – it was a moment when he and his brothers were short of food, and had to decide whether to turn for home, or venture further north...]]> ontopofaboulder_large

“On Top of a Boulder adds a new and important element to the history and artifacts of exploration and travel in the Barrens; and the photographs are outstanding!”—Skip Pessl, Moffatt 1955 expedition member

Longtime Arctic paddler Brian Johnston is inspired by a famous rock pile, or cairn, in the barrenlands near the headwaters of the Dubawnt. It was constructed by J.B. Tyrrell in 1893, who left a note in a jar to commemorate his journey – it was a moment when he and his brothers were short of food, and had to decide whether to turn for home, or venture further north. Ever since, prospectors and adventurers have added their memories to the jar. In an effort to preserve and share this treasure trove of history, Brian collected and scanned the original letters and returned the jar with facsimiles. In the book “On Top of a Boulder” the notes are transcribed and preserved for future generations and may just inspire you to pay a visit to Tyrrell’s cairn.

“The cairns beside the great barrenlands rivers—Dubawnt, Kazan, Hanbury-Thelon, Back et al.— stand as silent sentinels in the heart of our Arctic wilderness. The cairn notes deposited there speak to the soul of this country.”
—David F. Pelly, Author and barrenlands canoeist


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Mark your calendars, the Outdoor Adventure Expo is coming soon http://www.ilovepaddling.com/mark-your-calendars-the-outdoor-adventure-expo-is-coming-soon/ Thu, 09 Apr 2015 20:02:02 +0000 http://www.ilovepaddling.com/?p=1591 featuremidwestexpo4

Are you ready to get summer adventures planned? Midwest Mountaineering’s Outdoor Adventure Expo is the surest sign of spring in Minneapolis. Come to the Expo for more than 120 presentations, over 100 exhibitors, sales throughout the store, and the world’s largest outdoor canoe and kayak auction! Stop by the Canoeing.com booth to pick up your free “I heart paddling” sticker and register to win a FULLY OUTFITTED TRIP FOR TWO to the Boundary Waters ~ yes, we are giving away a canoe trip to the beautiful border lakes country! We look forward to seeing you at the Expo!

speakerspromo-1Check out just a few of this year’s Featured Speakers >

What’s New: The Expo has invited some of the most experienced paddlers in the world to answer questions about wilderness canoe tripping, find out more here > Have a question for the Discussion Panel on Wilderness Canoe Travel? Post it on our Facebook Page >

Dreaming of Paddling the Far North? http://www.ilovepaddling.com/dreaming-of-paddling-the-far-north/ Wed, 18 Mar 2015 15:32:23 +0000 http://www.ilovepaddling.com/?p=1581 farnorthemail2015

Join us at the Far North Symposium this Saturday in Saint Paul Minnesota! Get inspired by canoeists who have tested the coldest waters and paddled alongside muskox and tundra.

Bear Paulson – Snake River, Yukon, Canada
Kate Ellis/Bob O’Hara – Colville River Canoe Expedition, Alaska
Tessa Olson, Kari Smerud – Eight Rivers North Expedition, Canada
Lee Sessions – “Retracing the Steps: Across the Arctic Ungava”, Nunavik, Quebec, Canada
Mel Baughman – Snowdrift River, NWT Canada
Dave and Josie Nelson – Killik River, Alaska
Jim Gallagher/Brian Johnston – “Paddling Unnamed Rivers”, Victoria Island, Nunavut, Canada
Peter Marshall – Labrador Passage Adventure Canada

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Trip Report: Paddling the Bloodvein River http://www.ilovepaddling.com/trip-report-paddling-the-bloodvein-river/ Sat, 03 Jan 2015 15:07:28 +0000 http://www.ilovepaddling.com/?p=1545 bloodvein1

Four paddlers traverse a historic river from Woodland Caribou Provincial Park to the Atikaki Wilderness – highlights include pictographs, outstanding whitewater, stunning waterfalls and more…

Trip Overview

This trip can be broken into two major segments: headwaters and downriver. The headwaters segment of the trip is about 45 miles and can be characterized as a series of medium to large lakes connected by small streams interrupted with rapids or waterfalls. We paddled across northern Woodland Caribou Provincial Park from Knox Lake through Murdock Lake, Larus Lake, Lawrence Lake, Barclay Lake, Mary’s Lake and finally into Artery Lake. There are other places to start this trip. We ran into a party of young men who started their trip much further upstream and had paddled down the Dutch and Sabourin River to enter the Bloodvein River at Lawrence Lake. There are outpost cabins within the park and we did see motorboats.

When you portage into Lower Artery Lake, you cross the Manitoba border and enter Atikaki Provincial Wilderness Park. This is the beginning of your 135-mile run down to Lake Winnipeg. This stretch of the trip is classic “pool and riffle” and is characterized by shallow lakes or long narrow stretches of “dead or slack water” separated by rapids or falls. The vast majority of the whitewater features are located downstream from Artery Lake. There are a few active outpost cabins and a couple of “abandoned” cabins along this segment but we did not see any motorboats. The Bennet Trappers Cabin that is just downstream from the confluence with the Gammon River was one of the highlights of the trip. It gave us a chance to sign the “Stagger Inn Journal”. – Read On >


6 Paddlers, Eight Rivers, 900 Miles http://www.ilovepaddling.com/6-paddlers-eight-rivers-900-miles/ http://www.ilovepaddling.com/6-paddlers-eight-rivers-900-miles/#comments Mon, 07 Jul 2014 17:09:31 +0000 http://www.ilovepaddling.com/?p=1521 MORE >]]> 8rivers3

Feature Story: 8 Rivers North Expedition 2014

In mid-June, the team of Adam Maxwell, Ryan Ritter, Jake Bendel, Tessa Olson, Alex Compton and Kari Smerud began a paddle of over 900 miles on eight river systems north to the Hudson Bay and the barren lands of Nunavut. They hope to experience musk ox and beluga whales on their way to Whales Cove… MORE >




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Find Your Way to the Far North Symposium http://www.ilovepaddling.com/find-your-way-to-the-far-north-symposium/ http://www.ilovepaddling.com/find-your-way-to-the-far-north-symposium/#comments Wed, 19 Mar 2014 16:38:11 +0000 http://www.ilovepaddling.com/?p=1496 Learn about exploring some of the wildest rivers in North America at the Minnesota Canoe Association’s annual Far North Symposium in St. Paul, MN on March 22nd.

Nine presentations will cover paddling rivers in Canada and Alaska, with several reports of epic trips, a primer on organizing your own trip from the legendary Bob O’Hara, and a preview of one epic expedition planned for this year.

Saturday, March 22, 2014
Metro State University
700 East 7th Street, St. Paul, MN 55106
9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Register online by March 20th for $20. Tickets are $25 at the door.

This year’s slideshows and video presentations traverse the North American continent, including:

  • 1,200 mile, 70 day, expedition from Ely to Hudson Bay using an unconventional route,
  • Bob O’Hara and friends’s trip in our country’s largest protected watershed (see Canoeing.com’s interview with participant Nate Ptacek),
  • The Gataga River in British Columbia,
  • A family trip on the Elk and Thelon Rivers, Nunavut
  • The Cree River in Northern Saskatchewan, and
  • A ‘way far’ north adventure on the Nanook and Kuujjua Rivers located on Victorian Island, Nunavut.

Also featured will be a presentation by Peter Marshall about his plans to retrace Mina Hubbard’s historic 1905 canoe journey through Labrador.

The symposium is presented by Minnesota Canoe Association, Canoeing.com, Cooke Custom Sewing, Midwest Mountaineering, and Metro State University.

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Canoeing Alaska http://www.ilovepaddling.com/canoeing-alaska/ Fri, 03 Jan 2014 15:13:25 +0000 http://www.ilovepaddling.com/?p=1466 New Interview: A Trip of Several Lifetimes on Alaska's Noatak River Nate Ptacek's group had only one day of significant rain while spending three weeks descending the Noatak, which also happened to be their biggest day of rapids.... Words of wisdom he learned along the way: "Don't stop paddling"...

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New Interview: A Trip of Several Lifetimes on Alaska’s Noatak River

Nate Ptacek’s group had only one day of significant rain while spending three weeks descending the Noatak, which also happened to be their biggest day of rapids.

Separated by 50 years in age, six paddlers were brought together this August by three weeks canoeing Alaska’s remote Noatak River. Here’s some of the advanced paddler’s wisdom that Nate learns along the way:

“Ultimately it’s the little things, only gained from years of trial and error, that can turn a good trip into a great trip:

  1. Travel and eat on a strict schedule.
  2. Don’t stop paddling.
  3. Change up your food rations a little every day.
  4. Face the wind when the bugs are out.
  5. Don’t take any chances after 3pm.
  6. Follow the water, not the map.”

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